Lifestyle Detox

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Lifestyle Detox

I firmly believe in a lifestyle which involves gentle cleansing and detoxification of our body on a daily basis rather than a crash diet or crash detox regime.

Our body stores toxins in our fat cells. So if you’re taking in more toxins each day than you are eliminating, your body will resist burning fat. Why? Because burning fat will dump even more toxins into your bloodstream and make it even harder to detoxify.

Toxins also cause inflammation, excessive growth of unfriendly bacteria in your intestines, leaky gut syndrome, fatty liver syndrome and other side effects all of which turn ON your FAT Programs.

In my detox program, I train my clients on

  • How toxins affect your body and how it contribute to weight
  • The type of toxins you and your family may be exposed to on a daily basis
  • The benefits of detoxing and cleansing your body
  • How to implement a detoxifying lifestyle as a routine

In recent years, detoxing has become very trendy. But there’s definitely a right and a wrong way of approaching it. What I recommend prior to doing any type of detoxification program is to start living a detoxification lifestyle.

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