Group Sessions

group session

Group Sessions

Group Coaching allows people to learn their health and wellness goals in small group sessions in person or teleconference or video conference. (I do group sessions in health clubs, corporates and institutes)

There are two kind of group sessions that we focus on-

A Group of people who have similar goals– They generally include:

  • To lose those unwanted pounds (and keep them off)
  • Heal the digestive issues
  • Dealing with food and/or sugar cravings
  • Be more energetic
  • Improve blood sugar/ cholesterol / blood pressure levels
  • Achieve balance.

The other group may include:

  • Meal planning for weight management
  • A basic introduction to healthy living and a balanced lifestyle
  • Healing foods and damaging staples
  • Foods and lifestyle for sustained energy and for sleep
  • Managing stress for wellness
  • Social networks for health and wellness

Ongoing support to help clients stay on track

  • Weekly assignments to assess progress in achieving individual health goals
  • A variety of informational hand-outs, tips, and tools, including healthy recipes that are easy to prepare
  • Group coaching and support as you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • Weekly e-mail support between sessions.
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