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1. What differentiates Dt. Nidhi Nigam from others in the Nutrition Industry

Weight loss isn’t about magical plans or crash diets that result in sudden and unhealthy loss of weight. That’s where Dt. Nidhi Nigam steps in, with a strong focus on a healthy lifestyle, eating habits and a holistic weight management programme. She invests extensive time to understand the client’s psyche, medical issues, body composition, and nutritional requirements to help them combat their weight issues. These three aspects go hand-in-hand and help in designing a plan best suited for the individual. Her diet philosophy is two pronged, with equal emphasis on nutrition and maintenance. She also helps her clients emotionally by talking and counseling them when they feel low about dieting or self-esteem or their body.

2. Do I have to give up eating all that I like in the weight loss program

Not necessarily, as Nidhi’s programmes stress on striking the right balance. She personally does not believe in giving up any food item forever and it isn’t possible to keep away from a craving for too long. So instead of starving your body of what it needs or likes, she conditions clients to eat and balance what they like in a healthier way.

3. Can I achieve my ideal weight in a month for my wedding?

Weight loss is a systematic and measured process, not something that can be achieved through aggressive diets. Dt. Nidhi Nigam doesn’t overpromise and motivates clients to achieve their goals in a healthy manner while keeping them well informed about what is possible and what isn’t.

4. Will I be able to quit smoking? Is it okay to smoke in your programme?

Dt. Nidhi Nigam insists that her clients stop smoking as there is no truth or sustenance in cutting down the number of cigarettes you smokes in a day, you either smoke or you don’t!! Dt. Nidhi Nigam provides constant counselling and emotional support for patients to quit smoking by talking about it and explaining the way it is ruining the body in details.

5. I am in Night shift working environment; would you be able to help me lose weight?

Yes. Working the night shift is a chosen way of life and all programmes are crafted to suit each individual’s lifestyle.

6. I don’t stay in India, can I still take your services?

Dt. Nidhi Nigam Nigam leverages technology to keep up with clients who are not in Bangalore or in India. She keeps in contact with her outstation clients through Skype, E-mail, and Phone Calls.

7. Do I have to consult a doctor before meeting Dt. Nidhi Nigam?

A consultation with a doctor is recommended if the client has any specific medical problem since Dt. Nidhi Nigam does not prescribe any medication. If a client has a pre-existing medical ailment, Dt. Nidhi Nigam Nigam will ask him or her to coordinate the diet programme recommendations with their doctor.

8. Obesity runs in my genes, do you think I can still lose weight?

The genetics theory does not really hold true in today’s scenario for weight problems. It has a lot to do with lifestyle choices, namely erratic food habits, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy convenience foods and lack of exercise which is the prime cause. Nidhi helps her clients by working on all these parameters and getting them to shift to a healthier lifestyle.

9. Do you have a diet plan that helps people in cancer prevention?

While no one can guarantee a preventive technique for cancer, keeping healthy with a diet plan rich in antioxidants is an option Dt. Nidhi Nigam Nigam recommends. There are certain types of cancer that are hereditary — cervical, breast, and colon and one should undergo annual check-ups if there is a genetic history of this disease.

10. I am a teaholic, can you still give me a diet plan without asking me to give up my tea?

Absolutely, everything in moderation is fine. Dt. Nidhi Nigam Nigam’s techniques involve teaching and helping clients to control their intake.

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