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21st century India is staring at an epidemic of obesity along with several weight-induced health conditions. What people today need is a dose of a healthy lifestyle to stem the concerns of obesity and supplementary diseases.

Meet Nidhi Nigam, a certified Health Coach, and Clinical Dietician, engaged in the field of therapeutic nutrition, weight management, and general health counseling. For more than 8 years, she has been providing complete solutions to all your health and diet-related problems, and now she has won the trust and gratitude of patients.


In her continued research on nutrition, Nidhi closely monitors global trends to bring the best in nutrition and care to her clients. Her area of expertise includes managing several metabolic health conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD, Thyroid, and Digestive Disorders, High Cholesterol, Gout, to name a few. Nidhi truly believes that the human body is very resilient and possesses the capability to self-heal itself if nourished with the “Right Food”. Practicing this belief, she has successfully helped more than 100 clients achieve their weight and health goals.

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People might not want to hear it at first, but nutrition beginners don’t need a major diet overhaul on day one. Never be hungry and eat small meals after every 2-3 hours stokes your metabolism. Don’t avoid fats. Eat before and after every workout.

Allow about 3 hours before you exercise after having a main meal, such as breakfast or lunch. An hour before exercising, having a light snack that contains some protein, and is higher in carbohydrate and lower in fat, can help you perform during your training and recover afterward.

The Mediterranean diet took first place, the flexitarian (mostly plant-based) and DASH diets tying for second place. WW (formerly Weight Watchers) in fourth place. It assigns point values to foods, with more nutritious choices having fewer points.

You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat, but you don’t have to count calories. It isn’t for everyone. Instead, consider telling yourself you’ll eat three plates of food and two snacks each day. Choose foods that will keep you full and replace energy-dense ingredients with lower-calorie swaps.

Increase Your Protein Intake and stay hydrated. Stop Eating Processed Food. Cut Back on Refined Carbs, fill up the fiber, and include chicken and turkey. Eat vegetarian proteins such as tofu, beans, or tempeh.

Grains are not essential, and there is no nutrient in there that you can’t get from other foods. At the end of the day, grains are good for some, but not others. If you like grains, eat them. If you don’t like them, or they make you feel bad, then avoid them.

Juice cleanses may not be as healthy as you think. Whereas, Detoxing is more comprehensive and stricter in its approach. The goals of a detoxification plan include eliminating toxins, weight loss, and better overall health. Cleansing tends to focus more on the everyday detoxification process. After all, your body constantly detoxifies.

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