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Food to avoid during the monsoon

Monsoon makes us crave various, even though somewhat unhealthy, but delicious somethings and snacks. What comes to our mind when we think of monsoon? The rain, the breezy drizzle we enjoy through our windows but also brings to memories is the chai and pakoras. In this article we will talk about the what food to avoid.

Having chai pakoras while it’s raining has always been a highlight but is it safe to consume during the rainy season? Rainy Season is the time when a lot of us suffer from various health issues, so it is pertinent to maintain our health by eating and avoiding some foods.

Let us find out what food to avoid during monsoon to prevent putting our health in jeopardy:

1. Leafy vegetables: bacterial infestation is higher during the rainy season. Avoid having spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. Instead, go for pungent vegetables like bitter gourd, ghiya, tori, and tinda. 

2. Seafood: There are 2 reasons why one must avoid seafood during monsoon. First, the infection increases during the rainy season due to the increased presence of bacteria and fungi in the water, which could infect the fish and cause harm to the consumer. Secondly, this time of the year is the breeding season for the fishes, which causes several changes in the fishes.

3. Raw foods: raw, uncooked foods could lead to direct entry of pathogens into the body, which could cause infection and the body could get infected with diseases.

4. Curd: As we all know, that curd is cool in nature, which could be harmful to the body if consumed during the monsoon. Moreover, if one is already suffering from sinusitis, then they need to stay away from the dairy product.

5. Fizzy Drinks: Humidity is the main problem during the monsoon, which in turn leads to sweating, and both of these lead to dehydration. Try to avoid fizzy drinks because they can weaken the digestive system, and can reduce the minerals from the body. One must keep oneself hydrated. Instead of carbonated drinks, one can have drinks like jaljeera, nimbu paani (Lemonade), or any other water-related drinks. 

6. Spicy & Fried Foods: While it is okay to consume spicy and fried foods, try to portion the size during the monsoon period because excess consumption of such food can lead to upset stomach causing indigestion, diarrhoea, and many other issues. 

7. Mushrooms: Mushrooms grow in the swamp and mushy area which could be a place of bacterial infestation. The consumption of mushrooms during the rainy time can increase the risk of infection once consumed. 

These are the foods that are important one prevents eating during the rainy season. Consumption of these foods can lead to infections and other diseases. Avoiding these foods can help in decreasing the risk of bacterial growth in the body. 

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