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Benefits of post meal walking 

You should hear when a small inner voice tells you that it’s time for a walk after a satisfying meal with your family and friends. Post-meal walks are not only a fun way to enjoy socializing with others, but also offer amazing health benefits. Post meal walking are not only a fun way to enjoy socializing with others, but also offer amazing health benefits. 

Let’s discuss about the reasons to walk after taking any meal : 

May Improve Digestion : The inner urge to get up and get up after eating may come from your stomach. By taking a walk after dinner, your body produces more  enzymes in the stomach, allowing the stomach to absorb nutrients.This improves our digestion, reduces bloating, constipation and provides relief from  other stomach  problems.

May help reduce blood sugar level : People with diabetes and other blood sugar problems may especially benefit from  stepping out after mealtimes.Taking a walk after eating can help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Three short walks each day after meals were as effective at reducing blood sugar over 24 hours as a single 45-minute walk at the same moderate pace.

Regulates Blood Sugar : Walking provides health benefits, such as blood sugar regulation and better sleep. It can also lower blood pressure. The  accumulated effects of 10 minutes of physical activity significantly reduced diastolic blood pressure in people with prehypertension.

May reduce heart disease risk : You’ll be doing your body an additional favor by lowering your risk of heart disease as you strive to lower your blood pressure with after-meal walks. People who maintain good blood pressure levels have cardiovascular disease and stroke.

May reduce bloating : Whether you experience bloating as a result of infrequent overeating, food sensitivities, or irritable bowel syndrome, a walk may be precisely what you need to control your stomach. Cardio will help reduce your bloat, whether it’s a nice long walk, a brisk jog, a bike ride, or even a jaunt on the elliptical, cardio will help deflate your bloat. This kind of exercise will aid in removing painful gas from the body and speed up digestion. Set a goal of 30 minutes of light to moderate effort.

Promotes Good-mood Hormones : To release endorphins, you don’t necessarily need to run 10 miles at a 7-mile pace; you can also experience this hormone’s mood-enhancing effects by simply strolling. Delgado claims that a stroll after dinner can also produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that encourages sound sleep, aids in controlling appetite, and enhances learning and memory.

These are some of the benefits from post meal walking 

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