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What a women should eat during menstruation?

Eating a healthy diet and avoiding certain foods can greatly help manage cramps and other symptoms during menstruation.Menstruation is not easy. They can cause pain and severe discomfort in many women. This is why a healthy diet during menstruation is important. I’m a Dietitian. Nidhi Nigam can say menstruation does not hurt itself, but  cramps and other symptoms can be unpleasant. During this time, the girl needs to pay special attention to diet and hygiene. Healthy eat during mensuration is also important.

This is mainly due to the fact that an improper diet can cause pain, headaches, nausea, diarrhea and many other symptoms. Here are some food items women should eat and refrain from eating during your period.Take a look and say hello to healthy periods!

Things women should eat during periods 

  • Vegetables and Fruits : Iron levels generally drop during the period, especially if menstruation is heavy. This often leads to body pain, fatigue and dizziness. Adding green leafy vegetables helps in fighting the same. Also include  watermelons, cucumbers and other water- rich fruits. If you want sugar, switch to sweet fruits. “This helps reduce the hunger for sugar  without consuming large amounts of refined sugar, which can cause blood sugar spikes and then crashes.
  • Chicken & Fish : A great source of iron and protein. Try to add these to your diet. Eating protein is essential to your overall health and can help you stay full longer. “It’s rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming iron counteracts the decline in iron levels during menstruation,” he said. Patil.
  • Quinoa and Lentils : Quinoa is rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium and protein.  In addition, it’s gluten-free and gives you a feeling of fullness. On the other hand, lentils are an excellent source of protein and can  be replaced with meat for vegans and vegetarians. They are also rich in iron and add to your diet. It’s perfect.
  • Water : This requires no explanation. We all know that drinking water is important. “Drinking water can reduce the risk of  dehydration headaches,  a common symptom of menstruation,” says a nutritionist. 

A women should eat healthy during mensuration.

Things women should avoid during periods :

  • Salt & Spicy Food : Avoid ready-made snacks, including fried foods and  packaged foods, as they are high in salt and sodium. Excessive salt intake retains water, causing gas and bloating during menstruation. Also, avoid spicy foods as they can confuse the stomach and cause acid reflux. 
  • Coffee : Avoid drinks such as coffee and energy drinks  as they can cause headaches and constipation. It can also cause digestive problems.
  • Alcohol : Alcohol has many effects on the body, from severe hangovers to headaches.

These things women should not eat during her mensuration times.

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