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10 Easy-to-Make Summer Beverages you must Drink To Beat The Heat!

As summer beckons pool splashes, flip-flops, beaches, it also welcomes fatigue, excessive sweating, loss of water in the body, heat, the scare of sun damage to our health. Our Indian kitchens are a treasure-trove of refreshing and lip-smacking, body-cooling drinks passed down from generations that help us beat the heat while replenishing the body. Try these easy homemade summer drinks for a happy and hydrated season!

10 Amazing Summer Beverages To Beat The Heat!

1. Aam Panna:

As kids, our summer vacations were incomplete without the cool, sweet, and tangy Aam Panna (Raw Mango Juice) from our grandma’s kitchen. Cooked/steamed raw mango with jaggery, cumin, and black salt can be kept refrigerated through the summers and mixed with cold water and a dash of mint to keep you energized and cool the body on a hot, sunny day.

A rich source of Vitamin A and minerals, Aam Panna also helps restore the sodium in our body that we lose through sweating.

2. Jaljeera:

Blend tamarind pulp, roasted cumin, mint leaves, a dash of jaggery, black salt, a pinch of chili powder, and lemon juice, and chill it overnight.

Mix water in it and relish a cold glass of Jaljeera to say goodbye to all your summer stomach ailments.

3. Buttermilk:

One cannot go wrong with curd in the summers. Mix and blend the curd with water and add roasted cumin powder, mint leaves, a dash of green chili, hing, and salt, and serve chilled for its tonnes of benefits on a sunny afternoon.

4. Lemon-Barley Water:

An age-old recipe to hydrate you and keep your stomach cool, cook barley with a lot of water and add salt, lemon, a dash of honey and cool it to enjoy the immense health benefits of this magic kitchen ingredient.

5. Classic Nimbu Paani:

Nothing can satiate heat and thirst on a sweaty day like a cool glass of the classic nimbu paani or lemon juice. Give it your twist by adding the likes of mint leaves, pepper, cumin powder for taste variations, and enjoy!

6. Kokum Juice:

Come summer and the coastal regions of Goa and Maharashtra are curing this delicious, supple purple-pink fruit for its bagful of health benefits.

Kokum juice is loaded with cooling, antioxidants, and anti-fungal properties and is beneficial to cure dehydration of heat, improves digestion, cools the body while helping in purifying blood.

7. Watermelon Juice:

Every bit of this fiber and water-rich fruit instantly cools you, helps flush out toxins, relieves you of fatigue and heat. Blend it and add a pinch of black pepper and black salt for taste and relish every sip of it!

8. Cucumber Juice:

Who said cucumbers tasted better only in salads? Try the juice version and you’ll be in for a super cool surprise at the instant benefits of it.

Blend chunks of cucumber with a dash of lime juice and enjoy! Given that cucumber is water-rich, it helps prevent dehydration, cools the body down, and is a rich source of Vitamin K and C along with other minerals such as magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.

9. Tender Coconut Water:

Ditch those unhealthy sodas and sugary packaged juices. Tender Coconut Water should be your go-to body cooler. Rich source of potassium, this instantly works on body heat, pitta, fatigue, dehydration to give you a refreshed feeling in minutes!

10. Thandai:

Holi is around the corner and so is the onset of summer! This holi-special drink, complete with cold milk, poppy seeds, fennel, peppercorns and dried fruits, and rose petals is a perfect thirst quencher, hydrating for our tired bodies and packed with the power and punch of almonds, pistachios, and cashews. Given that our body is made up of almost 60 percent of water, it becomes imperative to hydrate ourselves all the more through the harsh summer heat. Why stick to plain water when you can enjoy health and taste with these refreshing summer coolers from our kitchens! What are your favorite summer drinks?

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