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Diet plan during monsoon: Numerous food sources can build our immunity and help us stay fit and healthy. Dietitian Nidhi Nigam has come up with the best diet plan for the monsoon to keep us healthy in this season also.

The rainy season has come up in full swing now and we as a whole are adoring the excellent climate with incidental cool showers. Rain doesn’t come alone..! It comes with the danger of bacterial infection and we can do our best to keep away from them by nourishing our body with nutrient-rich food varieties. Dietitian Nidhi Nigam has the best diet plan for the monsoon.

Here are some best diet plan tips for monsoon:-

  • Eat vitamin-c rich foods : Monsoon is the ideal time for infections and microorganisms to thrive. Intake of vitamin-C rich food will help us to fight against these viruses by boosting our immunity for monsoon.Food sources like red bell peppers,papaya, lemons, broiled tomato and red bell peppers chutney are good sources of vitamin -C.
  • Avoid eating junk food : taking a healthy diet plan during monsoon season is very crucial. Street junk food, already cutted fruits or any kind of food items sold on the streets ,It is highly recommended by Dietitian Nidhi Nigam to stay away from them.The street is typically loaded up with potholes brimming with water and mud.These form perfect hatcheries for different sorts of destructive microorganisms.The more extended the food things are presented to the outdoors, the higher they are probably going to become home to them. Therefore, every time you eat your favourite street food, you are bound to get an illness.
  • Eat light :It is ideal to stick to a healthy diet plan during monsoon to keep yourself healthy and active.Stay away from a lot of fish or meat in this season.On the off chance that you can’t, pick stews and soups rather than heavy curries add a scramble of garlic in them to support your immunity.In case you are an enthusiast of salads steam your veggies instead of eating them raw. Uncooked vegetables may contain contamination causing bacterias and infections. It is crucial to wash all the vegetables thoroughly before consuming them.
  • Stay hydrated : Keeping your body hydrated is an unquestionable requirement in each season. During monsoon season,we often feel thirsty. Drinking plenty of water is also one of the important  tips of the diet plan for monsoon season.At the point when it rains outside,rely on herbal infusions with anti-bacterial properties such as ginger, pepper, nectar, mint and basil to adjust your body liquids. A lot of Coffee or tea dries out body liquids.Watery food sources like lassi, watermelon, muskmelon and rice actually expands water maintenance in the body and creates swelling. Drink a lot of water and ensure it’s filtered.
  • Cook your food properly : Microorganisms can undoubtedly stick on to fresh produce that we purchase from the market. Be sure  to prepare your food properly  in sufficient  heat temperature.Additionally, eat those natural products whose peel is eliminated before utilization – bananas, mangoes, watermelon, orange, litchi and so forth are on the whole great alternatives.

The monsoon is a beautiful and soul-inspiring season, however, it makes your well-being defenseless. With this healthy diet plan for the monsoon by Dietitian Nidhi Nigam, you can enjoy this season without stressing your well-being.  

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