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Health tip for the festive season.

It’s the season for treats, sweets and snacks. Christmas- upto new year.
Here are some tipd that you can follow to insure that you continue to make progress with following a healthy diet routine for weight and enjoy the treats as well….
*The treat meal should be planned in advance. Listen to your cravings and go from there. For example, if you are craving something like a slice of cake, you must have a sensibly small amount of main meal and then go for 3 bites of the cake after some time.
* It’s a good idea to keep fats low during the treat meal.
*Opt for either a treat meal or a drink or two.
*Train very well on treat meal day.
*Be mindful and present when you eat. Savor each bite and enjoy the experience. It’s something you can do each week -without guilt.
*Drink a lot of water, as treat meals can be higher in sodium.
Listen to your body. Treat it with love and nourishment.
Have an amazing 2017!